TAMI, the math you can touch!

Transform the way math is taught with TAMI, the revolutionary app that combines the digital world and physical tokens to create an unparalleled learning experience. TAMI fosters collaboration, engagement, and interactive learning to aid students in mastering complex concepts in a fun and innovative way. Experience math like never before with TAMI - the math you can touch!

Keep your students engaged, easily

Math is fun and easy with TAMI


TAMI stands out from other edTech software by promoting collaborative learning and facilitating insightful discussions among students. Through TAMI, students are encouraged to work together and share their ideas, fostering a deeper understanding of core concepts.

Activities Based on the Curriculum

As an educational tool developed by experts, TAMI is meticulously designed to align with curriculum standards and cater to K-12 education. This tailored approach enables teachers to deliver engaging lessons with ease, empowering students to excel in their studies.

Are you ready to explore math from a fresh perspective?

Experience the full interactivity by contacting us to acquire TAMI tokens, which allow you to manipulate and interact with math models on your screen. The tokens are easily shareable and facilitate turn-taking, promoting meaningful peer discussions. Reach out to us today to implement TAMI in your classroom and revolutionize your students' approach to learning math!

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We have often had a discussion as a team that we have a subject that per se is unattractive. It is difficult to find activities that are out of the ordinary that are not a list of exercises, that are something a little more entertaining and Tami does deliver that... Being able to do something different, that is manual, that is not sitting down to fill out a guide, that is not the classic learning of mathematics implemented a hundred years ago.

Manager of Math department & K-12 teacher

Tami is great because it allows teamwork, and students can work in groups. It has been very difficult for us after the pandemic to resume the social skills required for collaboration, and Tami enables it by combining technology with communication.

K-12 math teacher

It's not the same as doing it on the blackboard, it's easier... it's more understandable... and it's fun to do.

8th-grade student

Tami allows meaningful learning because it gives students the opportunity to build the mathematical concept using their own words through exploration and thus understanding the path to reach the concept.

Profesor en colegio Cambridge, Providencia

Playing with the mask to make a one-step slider

We'll also dynamically pull all slider content from a collection in Webflow and configure some custom arrows so that you can position them wherever you like. All right inside Webflow.

Difficulty: 5/10
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